Ob wir nun ausgelassen tanzen oder verliebt-versunken dastehen - Terra Mater, Mutter Erde trägt uns. Der brasilianische Jazztrompeter gibt jeder Party einen soliden Grund zum Abheben. Tolle Stimmung - Zwischen Latin und Funk.

the project

In the exuberant, sun-splashed Terra Mater, Brazilian composer and musician Marcio Montarroyos combines many influences—American jazz improvisations, samba, the big band sound, European classical music, traditional Brazilian folk music, African music, bossa nova, and percussion—with a lot of natural Brazilian feeling. Montarroyos dazzles the listener with complex, fleet-fingered phrases that soar gently into free-floating romanticism, blending musical influences from around the globe with classical interpretation and personal experience into a unique fusion jazz celebration.

Terra Mater is an upbeat fusion jazz recording. Rhythmic variety keeps the pace moving and shifting harmonies provide textural richness. The orchestrations are sophisticated and modern, with plenty of improvisation, which gives the music its vitality and immediacy. Produced in Rio de Janeiro, this recording combines elements of previous recordings—Marcio Montarroyos and Stone Alliance, Magic Moment, A Night in the Sun (with Jon Hiseman), Carioca, and the CD compilation Samba Solstice (15001-2)—with a new twist.

Terra Mater is not just a trumpet player's album. Montarroyos recorded and co-produced with Lincoln Olivetti, one of Brazil's top arrangers, orchestrators, composers, and keyboardists. The sounds on Terra Mater were recorded using the best high-tech equipment and techniques available—including synthesizers and multi-track recording processes. Montarroyos and Olivetti came up with a new term for their musical concept primitive-techno where the sounds programmed on the computer interact with live music, creating a warm, natural, and intensely personal recording that celebrates its many origins. Terra Mater delivers jazz from the heart of Brazil with an ecstatic primitive-techno twist.

the artists

Marcio Montarroyos was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1948 and studied European classical music for ten years before falling in love with the trumpet and flügelhorn. After attending Boston's Berklee School of Music, he returned to Rio to form his own group.

A renowned Brazilian session musician, Montarroyos was also at home in the Brazilian club scene. With a keen enjoyment of live engagements (personable and outgoing, Marcio warmed to his audience), he accompanied many American luminaries, including Stevie Wonder, Sarah Vaughan, Nancy Wilson, Carlos Santana, and Ella Fitzgerald. In the studio, Montarroyos arranged music and recorded extensively with Sergio Mendes, Hermeto Pascoal, Egberto Gismonti, Milton Nascimento, and Antonio Carlos Jobim, among others. Montarroyos is joined on this recording by Lincoln Olivetti, Dan Grusin and Luis Avelar on keyboards, and Jurim Moreira on drums.

Montarroyos performed at numerous jazz events worldwide, including the São Paulo Montreux Jazz Festival and the Berlin Jazz Festival. He died on December 12, 2007, of lung cancer.




1 Overture 0'51"
2 Terra Mater 5'40"
3 Hidden Place 4'16"
4 Oberdan's Groove 5'34"
5 Ávila 9'16"
6 Reunion 3'47"
7 The Fourteenth Day 5'06"
8 Aquarela Do Brasil 6'57"
9 Take Your Time 2'36"
10 One More Light 4'24"
11 Overture (Reprise) 0'51"
  Total Time: 49'39"