the project

Paul Horn has long been fascinated with the dynamic musical culture of Brazil. During a visit to this vibrant country, he met up with guitarist André Geraissati. Their artistic rapport led to an explosive recording session in which a series of colorful and innovative Brazilian images arose seemingly without effort. Although Geraissati is a highly respected musician in his homeland, his new collaboration with Horn has given him wider recognition abroad. Paul Horn has a reputation for introducing talented Brazilian artists to listeners in the United States and Europe. His 1976 recording, The Altitude of the Sun (15002), brought guitarist and pianist Egberto Gismonti to the attention of the North American public.

Much has happened in the Brazilian record industry since then, most notably in the technological advancements and Western pop influences that seem to have taken over the country's music scene. Yet, from the first notes of Sambinha (Little Samba), Horn and Geraissati prove that acoustic-based music has its charms at the hands of accomplished artists. In the process, they illustrate that more traditional Brazilian forms like the samba are still ripe with potential.

BRAZILIAN IMAGES not only encompasses upbeat Latin jazz improvisations, it also explores a more atmospheric side of music making. On Mulher Solitária, for instance, Horn's ethereal soprano sax solos and Geraissati's gentle guitar lines float through a delicate mist of sound created by the rain stick and subtle percussion cues. With the help of Brazilian percussionists Joăm Parahyba and Airto Moreira, Brazilian Images is a spirited exploration of contemporary Brazilian sounds that remain faithful to the country's vivacious musical heritage.

the artist

A classically trained flutist, Paul Horn, played jazz with Chico Hamilton; performed as a member of the NBC Hollywood staff orchestra; and recorded with his own jazz quintet in the 1960s. During that time he won two Grammy Awards. Then, his increasing dissatisfaction with the Los Angeles lifestyle led to meditation studies with Indian master Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, an experience that had a profound effect on his music. His contemplative album, Inside the Taj Mahal (11062), became a classic and led to a series of recordings in such architectural wonders as Egypt's Great Pyramid and Lithuania's Kazamieras Cathedral.