Glanzvolle Höhepunkte einer Karriere von 1971-1996. Mariachi, leidenschaftliche Gesänge zu Geigen, Trompeten, Akkordion, Gitarre und Guitarrón (große Bassgitarre), eine von vielen Musiktraditionen in Mexiko. Nicht zuletzt durch Hollywoodfilme der 50er und 60er Jahre gilt Mariachi (der Name stammt entweder vom französischen mariage = Hochzeit oder vom indianischen Wort für Tanzboden ab) jedoch als die mexikanische Musik schlechthin. Für die in den USA lebenden Mexikaner bedeutet Mariachi eine emotionale Brücke zur Heimat. Mariachi Cobre, Anfang der 70er von Randy Carrillo in Tucson, Arizona gegründet, entwickelte sich über die Jahrzehnte zu einer der erfolgreichsten Mariachi-Bands. Über das Walt Disney EPCOT Center in Florida und viele Fernsehshows erreichte Mariachi Cobre Millionen von Menschen.

the project

At the end of the last century, while the representative music of Mexico was emerging in the state of Jalisco, Mexican-Americans in the United States continued to cultivate their own traditions. Among the most valued aspects of their heritage was music.

In 1964, an Irish-Catholic priest organized the first young Mariachi group of Mexican-Americans in the United States. Later, in 1971, after having collaborated almost from the birth of this group, Randy Carrillo, a student, organized Mariachi Cobre with the participation of his younger brother Steve and his friend Mack Ruíz.

1996 marks a quarter century during which this extremely professional group of young Mexican-American men (nearly all from Tucson) have sung and played the music of Mexico, not only in the United States but as ambassadors in other countries and via international television.

In 1981, Mariachi Cobre planted the seed from which the Tucson International Mariachi Conference would grow. This celebration is a concept that has spread to other U.S. cities where similar events are held. These cultural events have not only increased the exposure of Mariachi music but have caused an emergence of dozens of young groups and have heightened the level of study related to Mariachi music.

The XXV anniversary celebration is a source of pride for the renowned Mariachi Cobre who, with their strong sense of tradition, promotes the music of Mexico to the entire world.

the artists

Founded in 1971 by brothers Randy and Steve Carrillo and friend Mack Ruíz, Mariachi Cobre remains the forerunner in traditional mariachi music. Completing this eleven member professional ensemble are: Christopher Figueroa, Pablo Héctor Gama, Adolfo Roman García, Francisco Grijalva, Roberto Juan Martínez, Israel Gálvez Molina, Miguel Ángel Molina, and Antóñio Hernandez Ruíz. Most of the members have been playing together since they were teenagers in Tucson, Arizona, a center for this traditional music. They are distinguished representatives of their Mexican-American families and their ancestoral music of Mexico.

Since 1982, Mariachi Cobre has delighted millions of visitors with their performances at the EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.



1 El Jilguerillo 3'16"
2 Popurrí Pancho Villa 7'23"
3 Los Michoacanos 2'18"
4 María Elena 3'31"
5 Los Arrieros 5'03"
6 La Barca 3'56"
7 El Quiquiriquí 2'06"
8 Amaneci En tus Brazos 2'44"
9 Esos Ojos 2'17"
10 Cuando Lloran Los Hombres 2'59"
11 El Cenzontle 2'35"
12 Nunca Jamás 3'17"
13 Popurrí Jorge Negrete 5'21"
14 A Los Quince o Veinte Tragos 3'11"
15 La Chuparrosa 3'08"
16 Volar, Volar 4'11"
  Total Time: 57'29"