tadashi tajima

Tadashi Tajima appears on track 2, Shikyoku Ichiban (Poème I pour shakuhachi et koto), on Reiko Kimura's Music for Koto (13191-2) Tajima is a shakuhachi player of international renown. He has participated in many international music festivals, including the Edinburgh Music Festival, and has performed in a total of 14 countries outside Japan. He was awarded the Arts Festival Award by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 1990. As a member of Pro Musica Nipponia, he has been awarded the Remy Martin Prize, and the Ongaku-no-tomo Sha Prize. He has also been recognized with the Theater Encouragement Award presented to citizens of Osaka prefecture. He placed first at the Japanese Music Competition of the Pan Musique Festival, being awarded the Grand Prix and the German Ambassador's Award.

Tajima has produced LPs and CDs in Holland, Switzerland, the U.S.A. and Germany, and published two books in Japanese, Ichion ni kokoro o komete [Concentrating the spirit in a single tone] and Yasashii shakuhachi nyumon [An easy introduction to the shakuhachi]. He is very active as a performer, giving approximately ten recitals each year in Japan, and having travelled to a total of more than 100 local venues. He also appears regularly on TV and radio. He is currently head of the Jikisho-ryu branch of shakuhachi performance.