"Stille ist die schon immer gehörte Musik" (Deuter). Von der chinesischen, japanischen, indischen und indianischen Tradition inspirierte Flötenmelodien in ausgefeilten Keyboard-, Gitarren- und perkussiven Arrangements, z.T. mit Naturgeräuschen. Quintessenz Deuter, Veröffentlichung von 1992. Coverdesign von Labelchef Eckart Rahn.

the project

Deuter's ardent fans across the globe will be enchanted with his latest release, Henon. In it, Deuter has outdone himself with the intricate melodies and emotional variations that characterize his flute, guitar and synthesizer performances. This recording is as fresh as his first release on the Kuckuck Schallplatten label more than twenty years ago, but it clearly displays the mastery he has perfected over that time. Deuter's magic is his remarkable ability to create music that is both smooth and textured, light yet deeply layered.

Although Deuter composed each piece especially for this recording, Henon is almost a best of release: it combines the best of Deuter's delightful melodious style with the best recording techniques. In fact, this is Deuter's first true audiophile recording, as discerning listeners will discover with pleasure. This breakthrough is represented also by the new design of the Henon cover. The computer artwork, a fractal image, is dedicated to French astronomer Michel Hénon, whose endeavors "to understand the trajectories of stars through a galaxy" led him to his pioneering work on fractals. Just as Hénon's work combined timeless fascination with modern methods, Henon combines Deuter's timeless style with a philosophical bent towards the 21st century.

the artist

It is not surprising that Deuter plays music of the world as he is himself a citizen of the world. He has lived, worked and studied on three continents, always searching for the deeper meaning of life, which he then translates into his music. Although Deuter currently makes his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the music of Henon reflects the influences not only of that western setting, but of his Eastern pilgrimages to India, the cultural aspects of his German homeland, and his life in France.




1 Nada 2'36"
2 Sha 7'04"
3 Ebony 5'36"
4 Basho 7'57"
5 Ari 5'26"
6 Gentle Darkness 4'25"
7 Terra Linda 6'11"
8 Indian Girl 3'39"
9 Fjäril 4'30"
10 Rainmoon 4'23"
11 Chichen Itza 9'06"
  Total Time: 61'45"