the project

Popol Vuh’s classic recordings, In the Gardens of Pharao and Aguirre, are combined in this breathtakingly dramatic release.

Recorded in Bavaria’s Bamberg Cathedral, In the Gardens of Pharao is a remarkable illustration of the many moods that the synthesizer and piano are able to express. The soundtrack for the Werner Herzog film, Aguirre, is equally delightful with original compositions by Popol Vuh’s leader, Florian Fricke. These compositions are recognized as standards of the new age genre.

Also included is Spirit of Peace, a performance of solo piano music by Florian Fricke. Originally recorded in 1980, Fricke’s performance is moving, and reveals the artistic direction this talented musician would be taking in subsequent releases.

the artist

Taking its name from the title of the Quiche Mayan Indians’ bible, Popol Vuh has shown a strong interest in Mayan lore and the devotional aspects of music

Praised as one of Germany’s premier progressive bands in the 70s and early 80s, Popol Vuh was founded in 1969 by keyboardist Florian Fricke, who passed away in 2001. Although the band has employed acoustic instruments from a variety of Western and ethnic sources, it created quite a stir as one of the first ensembles to use the Moog synthesizer in the early 70s.

Over the course of nearly 20 albums, Popol Vuh has obtained a reputation for producing beautiful, hypnotic sound tapestries, and influenced several generations of electronic and contemplative artists.

Popol Vuh also gained considerable attention for its scores to films by the celebrated German director Werner Herzog, including Nosferatu.


1 Aguirre 6'15"
2 In the Gardens of Pharao 17'34"
3 Vuh 19'51"
4 Spirit of Peace 20'46"
  Part 1 3'34"
  Part 2 7'27"
  Part 3 9'45"
  Total Time: 64'40"