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Celestial Harmonies
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Die Kompositionen für Gesang (Sopran) und Harfe, z.T. mit Cello, Psalter und Glocken, entstanden aus intensiven Studien mittelalterlicher Musik und Mystik. Die stillen Balladen der Sängerin mit der glockenreinen Stimme ranken sich um die vielleicht ausdrucksstärkste Metapher überhaupt: Die Rose. Ihr Duft strömt aus jedem Ton.

the project

Therese Schroeder-Sheker casts an almost mystical spell with the power of insight and understatement as she brings rich tapestries of medieval music to life. As one fascinated listener confessed, "The strongest impression I had was one of whispers that almost seemed to shout into my consciousness."

Rosa Mystica showcases Schroeder-Sheker's uniquely expressive gift for subtlety, as well as her acuity, lyricism, and potent musical virtuosity. The poignant purity of her soprano voice, and the warmth of her harp accompaniments imbue the ancient Irish, Rumanian, Israeli, and Sephardic melodies with a beauty and clarity that transcends time. At the hands of this accomplished artist, these songs of love, passion, devotion, spiritual awakening, and the pain of rejection become as relevant to modern listeners as they were hundreds of years ago. Similarly, her original composition, For the Roses, draws inspiration from the past to shed light on how 20th century women mourn the loss of love and begin to heal in time.

the artist

Therese Schroeder-Sheker is a multi-faceted, international concert and recording artist whose specialty is the music of the late middle ages (11th and 12th century) for harp, psaltery, recorder, portative organ, and voice. Although she is an acclaimed scholar in her field, her arrangements and performances are not merely re-creations of the past. Instead, Schroeder-Sheker strives to offer an artistic expression of tradition that will be compelling and pertinent to 20th century audiences.

A former Associate Professor of Music at Regis College in Denver, Colorado, Schroeder-Sheker has published papers on medieval music, has served as a visiting artist and lecturer throughout the United States and Canada, and has been the subject of many articles, radio, and television programs, including documentaries on NBC and PBS. Schroeder-Sheker has received international recognition for implementing the Chalice of Repose Project, a program using music to assist in the process of dying that has been employed by hospitals and hospices in the United States and abroad.


1 Deluded Love 9'04"
2 For the Roses 6'29"
3 Rosa Mystica 4'40"
4 Longing 5'50"
5 La Rosa Enflorece 7'29"
6 The Garten Mother's Song 6'41"
7 Mana Vu 9'25"
  Total Time: 50'06"