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the project

If one could hear music embodying compassion for the earth and its inhabitants, what would it sound like? The answer lies in the vibrant music of Coolangubra. This unique group was formed in 1989 amidst a campaign to stop logging in a small forest in southeastern Australia. The forest's name was Coolangubra, and in keeping with their goal to save the forest, the group adopted the name. Coolangubra used their talents to promote the campaign, and succeeded in raising awareness of this issue.

Today, the band has broadened its focus to include not only environmental issues, but social ones as well. They feel their music is a constructive counterforce to the violence and destruction in the world today. A creative merging of violin, electric viola, acoustic guitar, and percussion, Coolangubra's music does not regress to anger or despair. On the contrary, the music re–energizes the spirit and vitalizes the soul.

Coolangubra utilizes their creative force by improvising throughout the composition and performance of their music. The result is a sound that is uniquely Australian, a blending of compassion and determination that transcends the backgrounds and diverse cultural influences of the individual members. After listening to Storm Coming, one comes away admiring Coolangubra's powers of creativity, and optimism, and diversity.

the artists

Coolangubra is an Aboriginal word meaning skull of kangaroo. An apt name, as band member Stephen Berry discovered, when he came across a kangaroo skull while walking through the forest one day. His performance on the acoustic guitar adds a dynamic exponent to the group. Berry also assists in composing the group's music, and likens the process to sculpting, where the artist takes away anything that is not part of the sculpture. His role in the group has been described as supportive and anchoring.

Claes Pearce plays an innovative role in the group, leading the band in new directions while helping to compose the material. Her performance on the violin is emotionally charged and she sees her music as a "healing force for herself and others". Pearce and band member, Greg Sheehan, have played together in jazz and rock groups since the early seventies. Sheehan is a fearless percussionist and can produce a beat out of most any object he sees, including squeaky toys and kitchen implements. He provides fire and excitement to this vibrant group.



1 Long Red Road 9'31"
  Family Trilogy  
2 Beverly 4'54"
3 A Child Dreams 4'13"
4 I Wanna Be A Everything 11'43"
5 Storm Coming 19'53"
6 Think About It 8'08"
  Total Time: 58'20"