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Celestial Harmonies
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Jaroslav Kovaricek präsentiert im australischen ABC-Rundfunk seit vielen Jahren mit großem Erfolg klassische Musik zur Entspannung und zum Träumen. Seine Auswahl für diese Compilation umfasst kontemplative Werke von Palestrina, Vivaldi, Corelli, Albinoni, Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Fauré und Barber.

the project

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Fine Music presenter Jaroslav Kovaricek, Ph.D., compiled the selection of classical music from the Adagio (Complete Edition) (19908) series. Jaroslav designed the compilation, of nearly eighty minutes duration, into three parts, to be used for specific purposes.

Firstly, the album can be used as a personalized sonic environment. The beauty of this music can certainly enhance our feelings of well–being and take us away from the many unpleasant sounds in our immediate surroundings.

The second way of using this selection is to listen to it for its musical quality, to hear it purely as musical sounds, to hear every note and its dynamic and timbral quality. This process helps to build better awareness and mindfulness, to develop better sensitivity of our inner ear and improve our intuitive abilities.

The third mode of listening can be in the practice of personal contemplation, even meditation. Once we discover the hidden mysteries of great music, we open our inner ear and the music is ready to help us on our spititual journey.

The first section, Baroque Movements, featuring beautiful and moving music, is designed for pleasant relaxation. The second section, Slow Motion Emotion, is more personal and can be used for meditating on a wide range of subjective themes. The third section, Soaring Spiritually, can assist our minds in acquiring a better understanding of ourselves and the world.

the composers

Since 1981, Celestial Harmonies' compilations have been listened to worldwide. Classical Music for Contemplation was compiled from the Adagio (Complete Edition) (19908) series, a total of seven double–CDs.

This successful series contains the greatest composers who have presented some of their most beautiful and profound musical ideas as slow movements. This collection was carefully compiled using works from Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Arcangelo Corelli, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Antonio Vivaldi.

As modern life has become increasingly complex and stressful, listeners have turned to music as a source of relief —especially the timeless, contemplative sounds of classical music. It seems that as the pace of our lives gets progressively faster, the music that many listeners are seeking is increasingly slower.


  I - Baroque Movements  
1 Air from Suite No. 3 in D Major BWV 1068 by J.S. Bach 5'16"
2 Adagio from Cello Concerto in C Minor RV 434 by Antonio Vivaldi 3'05"
3 Largo from Concerto for Keyboard, strings and basso concerto in F Minor BWV 1056 by J.S. Bach 2'45"
4 Adagio-Allegro-Adagio from Concerto Grosso in G Minor Op. 6 No. 8 by Archangel Corelli 3'33"
5 Adagio in G Minor by Tomaso Giovanni Albinioni (arr. Giazottto) 9'22"
  II - Slow Motion Emotion  
6 Adagio from Clarinet Concerto in A Major KV 622 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 7'17
7 Lento assai, cantante e tranquilllo from String Quartet No. 16 in F Major Op. 135 by Ludwig van Beethoven 5'39"
8 Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber 7'45"
9 Sonata 2 from The Seven Last Words Of Our Saviour On the Cross H. III: 50-56 by Joseph Hayden 6'50"
  III - Soaring Spirituality  
10 Agnus Dei from Missa Papae Marcelli by Giovanni Pierluigi Palestrina 7'49"
11 Aria from Goldberg Variations BWV 988 by J.S. Bach 3'15"
12 Et in terra from Gloria by Antonio Vivaldi 5'16"
13 Arioso from Italian Concerto in F Major BWV 971 by J.S. Bach 5'06"
14 In Paradisum from Requiem by Gabriel Faure 3'18"
  Total Time: 76'37"

the series

Adagio I: A Special 2 ½ Hour Collection of Orchestral Classics (14050)
Adagio II: A Special 2 ½ Hour Collection of Orchestral Classics (14052)
Andante: A Special 2 ½ Hour Collection of Chamber Music Classics (14054)
Largo I: A Special 2 ½ Hour Collection of Piano Classics (14056)
Largo II: A Special 2 ½ Hour Collection of Piano Classics (14058)
Magnum Mysterium I: A Special 2 ½ Hour Collection of Sacred Music Classics (14060)
Magnum Mysterium II: A Special 2 ½ Hour Collection of Sacred Music Classics (14062)