the project

This compact disk brings together selections from David Parsons' recordings, Tibetan Plateau and Sounds of the Mothership. The recording includes eight compositions that evoke the sounds of remote, deep space through the soaring voices of Parsons' synthesizers in combination with classical Indian instruments. Inspired by the ancient Vedic songs of India, Parson's music lies at the well-springs of consciousness, tempered by soothing sounds fom the physical world: the soft chirping of crickets, the calls of songbirds, and the restless sounds of the four winds. The music serves as a centering point for the mind amid the swirling vortex of the temporal plane.

the artist

From his home in New Zealand, Parsons travels frequently to Asia for spiritual and musical inspiration. After collecting musical samples and studying different musical and cultural traditions, Parsons returns to his studio to integrate these influences with his own experiences. In the process, he bridges disparate elements with seamless grace, and creates a unique musical affirmation of our common humanity and cultural endowment. Parsons has been a student of classical Indian music, studying with Krishna Chakravarty—Ananda (17046-2) and Circular Dance (13133-2), who has studied with Ravi Shankar.

David Parson's recordings make the Eastern sensibility comprehensible to the Western listener and formulate a unique and captivating new expression. Recent releases include the original synthesizer recordings, Himalaya (17059-2) and Yatra (18072-2). In 1990, Parsons produced the recording, Sacred Ceremonies: Ritual Music of Tibetan Buddhism (17074-2). This is the first part of a landmark cultural preservation project undertaken at the request of the monks of the Dip Tse Chok Ling Monastery, an order in exile from Tibet, who have taken refuge in Dharmsala, India. Parsons' work is often featured in film, television and radio scores, and it has been widely praised by reviewers.




1 Tibetan Plateau 13'26"
2 Gangotri 11'35"
3 Meditation On A Lonely Pool 4'15"
4 Devaloka 10'24"
5 Separation 5'38"
6 Tree Spirits 10'50"
7 Durga 6'12"
8 Spheres 11'36"
  Total Time: 74'30"