the project

As a composer, producer and performer, Steve Roach has had an enormous impact on new music across the world. He is one of the foremost creators of visionary space music, which has been called space–creating music in that it calms and creates space in the modern world.

Roach has a magical ability to sweep the listener into his music, soaring on wings of pulsating sound. The imagination takes over as Roach's slow harmonies and deep tones seep into the listener's soul and spirit, transcending time and space. To fine tune Structures from Silence, Roach explains, "At the time I didn't listen to any other music. I also spent much time in silence, a beautiful place. Feeling the music move through that space was vital in its development . . . For me the essence of this music is what is felt when it ends, a returning to the silence."

Steve Roach is self-taught and self–styled, an intuitive musician. He is a weaver of sonic textures that rise and fall, amorphous structures floating just beneath our consciousness. The chords are seductive and meditative, yet profound, engaging the intellect as well as the emotion.




1 Reflections in Suspension 16'39"
2 Quiet Friend 13'15"
3 Structures from Silence 28'33"
  Total Time: 58'48"