* featured in Grand Theft Auto IV

the project

As a composer, producer and performer, Steve Roach has had an enormous impact on new music across the world. He is one of the foremost creators of visionary space music, which has been called space–creating music in that it calms and creates space in the modern world.

The smoothness of sound belies its layered complexity. Roach's music is carefully conceived and painstakingly produced on both analog and digital synthesizers. Roach uses an alchemy of modern technology to tap into our primordial inner selves. A good example of this is Empetus, a jet–propelled ride with driving, rapid–fire rhythms and soaring themes that carry you up, whirl you around for a moment, then take you up again.

Steve Roach is self–taught and self-styled, an intuitive musician. He is a weaver of sonic textures that rise and fall, amorphous structures floating just beneath our consciousness. The chords are seductive and meditative, yet profound, engaging the intellect as well as the emotion.




1 Arrival * 4'20"
2 Seeking 5'34"
3 Conquest 6'07"
4 Empowerment 3'52"
5 Twilight Heat 3'15"
6 Merge 6'23"
7 Urge 6'23"
8 Distance is Near 2'40"
9 The Memory 2'40"
  Total Time: 44'51"