the project

Between 1983 and 1986, Steve Roach recorded what has proven to be his most unique and out of character work, for this signature synthesist that is. Originally commissioned to create this music for the healing arts—meditation and body work, Roach captures a virtual reflection of inner quiet, exploring the vastness of stillness.

Many childhood memories emerged and helped to shape the music, returning composer Roach, and listeners, to a place of simple innocence. Creating mind paintings from the lush green vegetation representing life itself, to the illumination of the sun, giver of life, to the timelessness of the atmosphere in which all exists, it is serene, peaceful, flowing and at times floating, with feather light textures.

Along with his landmark release Structures from Silence, the Quiet Music series has been used for years in meditation groups, birthings, and Hospice programs. In 1988, the selections from volume 2, the first side of volume 3 and a previously unreleased piece were combined onto the Quiet Music CD.

More than ten years later and after numerous requests from listeners, the complete edition of this series is being released in a double CD, Quiet Music (Complete Edition). Disk 1 contains the entire selection from the previously released CD and disk 2 combines volume 1 and 3, and features a previously unreleased piece entitled Quiet Canon. This is considered early ambient music before the term became co–opted to describe music of todays electronic music of varying styles.

the artist

Steve Roach is a name synonymous with on–the–edge innovation in tribal-ambient, atmospheric space music and other genre–defying sonic activities. Over the last 20 years, his evocative sound worlds on numerous solo and collaborative releases have earned him the respect of critics and listeners worldwide. Today, Steve is considered one of the most visionary and masterful synthesists/composers of our time. With an impressive body of recordings to his credit, the Quiet Music series is quite a departure from his extensive catalogue in that it is the most gentle and sparsely melodic of all his works.




  Disk 1:  
1 See Things 5'44"
2 Towards the Blue 3'17""
3 Something in Tears 5'16"
4 A Few More Moments 13'02"
5 Air and Light 32'00
6 Dreaming and Sleep 13'28"
  Total Time: 71'58"
  Disk 2:  
1 The Green Place 31'52"
2 Sleep and Dreaming 30'35"
3 Quiet Canon 8'07"
  Total Time: