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Celestial Harmonies
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„Einsamkeit und Sehnsucht sind in Irland seit eh und je so stark wie der Nebel auf den Bergen“, meint Patrick Ball. Er erzählt die für das keltische Feeling typischen alten Geschichten sehr lebendig und unterhaltsam. Sein Englisch ist gut verständlich. Zwischendurch erklingen keltische Harfe, Dudelsack, Flöte und Geige.

the project

Celtic harper Patrick Ball has always been a storytellerbut then, that goes with the territory. After all, the Celtic harp has always been used to accompany the telling of Irish tales. Tall tales, tales of little people and hard lands, stories of love and loneliness—these reflect the Celtic soul as much as the music. Patrick Ball's prior six releases have focused on his instrumental performances of the timeless airs and ballads of the Celtic lands; only his concert audiences have had the chance to hear his equally lyrical storytelling. Finally, after establishing himself as America's most popular Celtic harpist, Ball has produced Storyteller, a collection of Celtic tales that shows this ancient Irish tradition to be alive and well, at least in Ball's corner of California.

Storyteller includes five classic Irish tales and a telling of the haunting, bittersweet Gwilan's Harp, a contemporary fairy tale by celebrated author Ursula K. LeGuin. In each case, Ball's storytelling has a gentle, musical quality. With subtle accompaniment from the harp and other traditional Irish instruments, Storyteller easily transports the listener to an earlier, simpler time.

Ball uses such well–known Irish airs as Bonny Portmore, Carolan's Farewell, and Donal Og as the settings in which to spin his yarns. He is joined by talented piper and flutist Timothy Britton and renowned fiddler Martin Hayes. But the real star of this release is the storytelling itself. Whether it is the charm and wit of The Matchmaker or the melancholy of The Soul Agony, Ball's tales evoke images of the warm hearth and the family gathered around the fire.

Storyteller comes at a time when interest in Celtic music is high. Children's tales are again being found on recordings and on the radio. Patrick Ball's combination of Celtic tales and Celtic music will strike a chord with many listeners, and bring a little bit of Ireland to the whole family.

the artist

Patrick Ball has been recording the marvelous tradition of Celtic folk music on harp since 1983. He plays a recreation of an ancient Celtic instrument made by the master harp builder Jay Witcher of Maine, and has often used the music to accompany his storytelling in concert. His six prior releases for Celestial Harmonies/Fortuna Records have made him perhaps the best–known performer of traditional Irish music in North America. Ball lives on the northern coast of California and performs around the world.




1 Tomás 2'13"
2 The Matchmaker 10'27"
3 Moore's Castle 9'16"
4 The Seal 3'03"
5 The Soul Agony 5'47"
6 Gwilan's Harp 30'05"
  Total Time: 61'11"