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Jaslyn Hall brachte 1988 als erste Rundfunkmoderatorin World Music in Australien. Ihre Auswahl von 1996 bringt das globale Feeling einer jungen Generation auf den Nenner: Latin-Jazz von Montarroyos, abgefahrene Rhythmen aus Afrika (Takadja) und dem vorderen Orient (Tekbilek), Trance-Gamelan aus Thailand (Fong Naam), Stille in der Natur (indianische Flöte von Nakai), und natürlich australische Künstler wie Didjeridumeister Hudson, die Folk-Jazz-Gruppe Coolangubra oder Perkussionist Michael Askill.

the project

American anthropologist James Clifford once said, "Cultures never sit still for their own portraits." Believing this, Jaslyn Hall, one of Australia's most respected music broadcasters on the ABC/Radio National who selected the tracks for this compilation, has come to love the changes that new technology has added to traditional instrumentation and the collaborations between musicians of different races and diverse styles. She admires musicians' capacity to change and adapt to create the new feeling.

Jaslyn looks at the world of music as a tree, with its roots and trunk made of classic and folk tradition from around the world. It is no surprise that the music tree has such strong roots, a large thick trunk and lush, abundant branches. Our need to grow and expand our cultural horizons makes the world of music an exciting and passionate place.

Culture is an ever–changing phenomenon, with music being just one of its branches. The music of the Japanese koto, Australian indigenous didgeridoo, Thai kaen and Filipino bamboo jaw harp create a few of the branches that are the contemporary fusion often grounded in culturally rich rhythms and melodies.

This release is a tribute to musicians and listeners of all ages who love change and shout in praise of the new feeling.

the artists

The range of music presented in The New Feeling is mirrored in the diversity of its musicians and global reach.

From a work–in–progress, composer and jazz musician Marcio Montarroyos' Our Saint of Rosary (track 1) inspired this compilation. It offers the indigenous sounds of a lesser known region in Brazil, Minas Gerais, merged with European influences and a touch of jazz.

From the land down under, listeners can enjoy a vast range of Australian music, including the sounds of the Aboriginal didgeridoo by David Hudson from Woolunda (13071), and the contemporary music ensemble Synergy from Matsuri (13081), to contemporary music from Coolangubra (13089) by Coolangubra, one of Australia's most distinctive contemporary ensembles. And as a bonus, included is an unforgettable fusion of percussion by Michael Askill merged with the Middle Eastern instruments of Turkish composer and virtuoso, Omar Faruk Tekbilek from Fata Morgana (13110).

Takadja, a six–piece ensemble of percussionists, dancers and vocalists specializing in traditional and contemporary music of West Africa from Takadja (13097), and renowned on-site flutist Paul Horn's Africa (11104) remarkably capture the festive rhythms and emotion of the Ivory Coast.

Sundance Season (13024) by Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai and The Blessing Way (13046) by Perry Silverbird merge with nature creating soul based meditations.

Fong Naam, a classical ensemble from Thailand specializing in traditional to contemporary music, captivates listeners with a traditional piece of natural sounds from Ancient–Contemporary Music from Thailand (14098).

Pham Van Ty introduces a Vietnamese folk song from a rare collection of music from The Music of Vietnam, Volume 1.2 (13083).

Mariachi Cobre offers the festive sounds of Mexico's traditional folk music from Este Es Mi Mariachi (11105).

Rafael Jimenez raises the heat and stirs the passions with a traditional Spanish Flamenco piece from ¡Cante Gitano! (13112).


1 Our Saint of Rosary by Marcio Montarroyos previously unissued 4'21"
2 Aman by Michael Askill & Omar Faruk Tekbilek from Fata Morgana (13110) 3'43"
3 Fonikeya Marassi by Takadja from Takadja (13097) 4'27"
4 On Eagle's Wings by R. Carlos Nakai from Sundance Season (13024) 6'55"
5 Jowelbinna by David Hudson from Woolunda (13071) 4'34"
6 Omphalo Centric Lecture by Michael Askill from Australian Percussion (13085) 8'33"
7 Wind In The Coconut Trees by Fong Naam from Ancient-Contemporary Music from Thailand (14098) 3'18"
8 Caspian Winds by Omar Faruk Tekbilek from Whirling (13086) 4'40"
9 Kalasasaya by Inkuyo from Art from Sacred Landscapes (13088) 5'06"
10 Dounya by Paul Horn with Takadja from Africa (11104) 5'34"
11 Muc Ha Vo Nhan by Pham Van Ty from The Music of Vietnam Vol. 1.2 (13083) 5'34"
12 El Silencio De La Noche by Mariachi Cobre from Este Es Mi Mariachi (11105) 2'32"
13 Kobing by Coolangubra from Coolangubra (13089) 2'02"
14 Viejando (Solea) by Rafael Jimenez from Cante Gitano (13112) 5'15"
15 The Hour of the Chicken - Hotaru by Synergy from Matsuri (13081) 9'55"
16 Child at Play by Perry Silverbird from The Blessing Way (13046) 2'10"
  Total Time:   79'00"