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Celestial Harmonies
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8 Kompositionen des irischen Harfenisten Turlough 0'Carolan (1670-1738) und 6 traditionelle irische Stücke. Stille Wehmut und Sehnsucht.

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The lilting, crystalline tone of the Celtic harp must be one of the most joyful sounds in mankind's history. The harp originated a thousand years ago in ancient Ireland; it shone through the age of the bards and brought hope during long years of occupation and oppression. As it is a challenging instrument to play well, nearly two centuries ago the wire-strung Celtic harp was abandoned in favor of the easier to play, more subdued gut-strung neo-Irish harp. Patrick Ball would not let that sweet voice fall silent. He brings to audiences world-wide the ancient Celtic harp that "has always been loved and celebrated by the Irish people for its mystical power to enchant them, to draw them into realms beyond thought, and to refresh their spirit." That is exactly what Patrick Ball accomplishes in these five sparkling recordings. Listeners are enchanted by his performances. They are drawn to the emotional portrait that Patrick paints with each piece, romantic, melancholy or jubilant. Although Patrick is a delightful storyteller with words, these instrumental works tell their own stories, requiring nothing more than Patrick's fingernails deftly plucking the brass strings of his beautifully crafted harp. The harp he plays is a re-creation of the ancient Celtic instrument, lovingly crafted by master harp builder Jay Witcher of Houlton, Maine, who has made it his life's work to allow the sound of the great instrument to live again.

Patrick Ball pays his greatest tribute to the legendary Turlough O'Carolan, a blind, itinerant harper who wandered the Irish countryside at the turn of the eighteenth century, playing for wealthy landowners. O'Carolan was witty, a prolific composer and a genius on the Celtic harp. It is little wonder that Patrick Ball has included O'Carolan's brilliant tunes in each of his first four volumes.




1 Planxty Burke * / Bumper Squire Jones * 4'24"
2 Carrickfergus 3'34"
3 Susie McGuire / Bridget Geary 4'20"
4 Lord Inchiquin * 4'07"
5 Carolan's Favorite Jig * 3'07"
6 Song of the Water Kelpie ** / The Sheep Under the Snow ** 5'18"
7 Planxty Irwin * 3'20"
8 The Foggy Dew 3'37"
9 Squire Wood's Lamentation * 4'52"
10 Carolan's Concerto * 3'31"
11 Eleanor Plunkett * 3'57"
12 Dark Woman of the Glen 4'53"
  * Turlough O'Carolan ** Manx traditional