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CD 1: Rhythmisch-schamanische Stücke des Magiers elektronischer Space Musik von „The Ritual Begins“ (1982) bis hin zu einer zuvor unveröffentlichten live-Montage (1997). CD 2: Kompositionen der Stille, nicht-chronologisch, zeitlos, jetzt. Keine übliche Compilation, sondern eine Metakomposition, für die Roach viel Zeit und Energie einsetzte.

the project

Dreaming...Now, Then offers a fascinating perspective on Steve Roach's innovative sonic travels for new and seasoned listeners alike. A double CD, it features selected pieces from his large body of work on the Fortuna Records label which is distributed by Celestial Harmonies. Carefully selected and sequenced by Steve himself the process of choosing the music quickly took on a complex array of twists and turns. He wanted to create a sonic stream that was musically connected on an artistic level and emotionally significant on a personal level. At the same time, he found himself rediscovering the music through different ears, even as he felt the threads from those earlier releases weaving through his current work.

With the final sequence in place, the pieces from the various releases seemed to cast a new light onto each other. Even though they represented different phases in his life and art, the selections Steve chose for Disk 1 flowed naturally, each piece fitting into the next like a puzzle revealing the organic creative process he has always felt at work. Disk 2, on the other hand, created its own continuum with complete disregard for chronological order. The atmospheric pieces instead called for a non-linear sequence from different points across the 15 years of their creations, as if they always had and always will exist in a place that has little regard for the limitations of time.

Disk 1 presents the rhythmic-electro-tribal side of his work in nearly chronological order, starting with The Ritual Continues from 1982 and winding down with a previously unreleased live montage from 1997.

Disk 2 presents an overview from the vast atmospheric soundworlds that only Steve can brew up. A stirring, spiraling, unreleased archive piece closes the second disk in a subtle yet profound way, illustrating why this influential artist continues to inspire listeners worldwide.

the artist

Over the last 20 years Steve Roach's evocative sound worlds on numerous solo and collaborative releases have earned him the respect of critics and listeners worldwide.

Today, Steve is considered one of the most visionary and masterful synthesists/composers of our time. With an impressive body of recordings to his credit, Dreaming...Now, Then embodies a glimpse into his exceptional works that span the new age, ambient, electronic and world music genres.

Guest musicians include Weslie Brown lending vocals, Dennis Baglama on saxophone, Will Morris on flute, Loren Nerell on a Javanese gender, Chuck Oken on shakers, Robert Rich on dumbek and Bryce Robbley on moog gliss.




  Disk 1: The Ritual Continues    
1 The Ritual Continues from Now/Traveler 1982 (17048) 4'50"
2 Comeback from Now/Traveler 1982 (17048) 2'10"
3 Seeking from Empetus 1986 (17036) 5'25"
4 Conquest from Empetus 1986 (17036) 6'09"
5 The Breathing Stone from Western Spaces 1987 (17051) 6'52"
6 Flatlands from Desert Solitaire 1989 (17070) 4'56"
7 Towards the Dream from Dreamtime Return 1988 (18055) 7'09"
8 The Continent from Dreamtime Return 1988 (18055) 4'51"
9 Steel and Bone from World's Edge 1992 (18057) 2'38"
10 Artifacts from Origins 1993 (17081) 11'48"
11 Dreaming Now previously unreleased 1997 7'27"
12 Ancestral Horizon from Artifacts 1994 (17082) 7'49"
  Total Time:   72'28"
  Disk 2: Looking For Safety    
1 Magnificent Galllery from Dreamtime Return 1988 (18055) 6'15"
2 Slow Turning from Western Spaces 1987 (17051) 7'42"
3 Something In Tears from Quiet Music 1986 (18043) 5'22"
4 Quiet Friend from Structures in Silence 1986 (17024) 13'15"
5 Cloud Motion from Now/Traveler 1982 (17048) 5'11"
6 The Memory from Empetus 1986 (17036) 5'57"
7 Temple of the Frog from Artifacts 1994 (17082) 8'55"
8 Drift from World's Edge 1992 (18057) 7'43"
9 The Passing Time previously unreleased 1997 12'13"
  Total Time:   72'39"